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Basic Concepts of Polynomial: Monomial, Binomial, Trinomial and Polynomial

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An Algebraic expression that contains only one term is called a monomial.
Example: 2x³, 8xy, -5c, -2, etc


An Algebraic expression that contains only two terms is called a binomial.
Example: 2x-3y, l²-m², 2-3y²z, a+b, etc


An Algebraic expression that contains only three terms is called a trinomial.
Example: x+y+z, 3a²-b²-c, l²m-m²n-n, 3x³-2y²-z,etc

How do you remember the names?

Think about cycles!

Basic Concepts of Polynomial: Monomial, Binomial, Trinomial and Polynomial


An algebraic expression that contain finite number of terms with non- zero coefficients is called a polynomial. In other words it is an expression that contains finite number number of terms with combination of variables, whole number exponents of variables and constants.
Example: a+b+c+d, 7xy, 2x-3y-z, 3x⁵;+4x⁴-5x³-6x²+3x-5,etc

Degree of a Polynomial:

The monomials in the polynomials are called the terms. The highest power of the terms is the degree of the polynomial.

The coefficient of the highest power of x in a polynomial is called the Leading Coefficient of the polynomial.
Example: 2x⁵-x⁴+7x³-6x²+12x-4 is a polynomial in x.

Here we have six monomials 2x⁵, -x⁴, 7x³, -6x², 12x and -4 which are called the terms of the polynomial.
Degree of the polynomial is 5.

The Leading Coefficient of the polynomial is 2.

Like terms and Unlike terms:

Like terms contain the same variables having same powers.
Unlike terms contain different variables having different powers.

Consider the following Expression:

2x²+3x-4 All are unlike terms.
2a²-3a² These are like terms.

Look at the following expression:

3x, 5x², 2xy, -70x, -7, -3y², -3x², -20yx, 20, 4x, 3y

We Can list out the Like terms as:

  1. 3x, -70x and 4x
  2. 5x² and -3x²
  3. 2xy and -20yx
  4. -7 and 20.

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